Roundies and Bathtubs
BMW 02 series 1968 - 1973 (& non roundies -1976)
Porsche 356 (replica & real) Roadsters and Speedsters

~ other old cars too - mostly European sports cars ~

As I find myself smack dab in the middle of semi-retirement,

I now get to work on the cars I love - for fun.
(FAQ - Nope, I do not work other people's cars. Sorry.)

I enjoy going through these cars and "sorting them out".
Often I add modern upgrades to improve saftly, reliability , and performance.
(shocks, carb updates, electronic ignition, modern AC, seats, headliner, engine work , etc...)
And of course there is always the cosmetics ...

It usually takes me 1 year to complete a car. Then I enjoy taking it to shows and driving it,
before I sell in order to gain garage space for the next one.

So ... welcome to The Garage.


_________________In the Garage Today________________

2003 Intermeccanica 356 Roadster - rebuild

"What's Done" List
~ since May 2016 ~

small headlight parking lights
headlight wiring
new headlight frames

headlight vertical grills

tie rod gators
remove power steering pump - replace with gravity feel reservoir -
( then simply bypass system with loop)

drain fuel tank
replace front fuel lines with braided steel lines
new Bosche front fuel canister
rework fuel gauge sending unit (still fighting this a bit)

polish chrome wheels
replace hubcaps with nipple style caps
tighten and re-fit front shocks
new Bilstiens on the rear

replace all 3 mirrors , with fresh gaskets

fix interior lights

replace radio with retro-sound and authentic Blaupunkt radio frame and face (old lower dash color)
rework drivers seat belt in order to move seat back

Harley luggage rack - only non kosher thing - but I like how it fit the car
remove interior and rear Im logos (sorry Henry)
replace rear logo with 'Porsche' logo - antiqued to match 'Roadster' logo patina and color
new rear chrome light frames, gaskets, and add euro style lenses
bleed brakes, new fluid

new sound deadening and engine compartment tin

Actually it had fabric that had come unglued
hanging all over the engine.Amazing the carbs
got enough air to run.

All ready for it's "new" mill.
Of course the piece of junk Harbor Freight table lift
died onme leaving the engine sitting under the car
until I can take care of it...
Does it never end?

new braided fuel lines for engine
Y the fuel lines from fuel pump for even pressure to carbs
new inline fuel filter at engine

add 'Blaze Cut' to engine compartment (fire protection)

1776 Engine - before


1835 Engine - after

(new pistons and rings - 92 mm, new rockers 1.25, rebuilt Webers with venturi upgrade, etc etc...


The Carbs
40 idf,s rebuilt with CB performace new venturi and jetting.
Also 2.25" velocity stacks added under the air cleaners,

& enlarge and clean jets as needed,
rework ridiculas Weber cold start ,
with new linkage.

Rebuild engine with :
new p&c set Mahler 92mm, rings, new push rod tubes, new cylinder head bolts, new elephant feet, etc

new distributor(electronic) and flame thrower wires
new glaspac muffler with j tubes (loud)
original muffler with j-tubes (traditional tone)

new rear transmission motor mounts
new outer cvc (Mahler) and rebuild inner cvs

Now a 1835 Engine
About all I can get out of this engine without making it a stroker.

After rebuild with new P & C set ,
clean but does notlook the part yet...

... same engine now - after 'retro look' modification.


Interior Color - Before and After (2 tone)


Electric fuel pump added with emergency off relay

External oil cooler with fan - manual on off switch (blue led) - above the Westach cht gauge

... and vdo clock on the other side of steering wheel


~ the list is getting shorter ~

Rebuild AC with new compressor and new dryer

January 2017 - first drive